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Social Media Advertising.
Creation of your target audience, study of the best social platforms for paid ad campaigns.Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and others.
Advertising on Social Media means being where the customers are. A social network like Facebook represents a reach of 5 million users in Portugal, 1,000 million worldwide. Unparalleled visibility and segmentation possibilities. Your ad can be “triggered” for certain age groups, geographic location or even profession.
Each social network has its own specificities and must be treated differently. Determining the target audience is central to targeting the right campaigns to the right people through a previously outlined strategy.
The objectives can be to raise awareness of a company or brand, generate leads, attract visitors to a website or sell a certain product.
Each social network is unique. If LinkedIN will be a more suitable platform for B2B, Twitter means a quick dissemination of a topic and generate conversation, and Youtube a good target for consumers of videos.
It is necessary to think about the strategy, define the target audience, set budgets, control and evaluate the campaigns and measure their results.
All of this is possible with good social media ad planning.
Star now your Social Media Advertising.

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